We’re a property platform that makes it easier and less risky to decide who you want to do business with, hire or be hired by.

TrustMix is a property platform that bridges the trust gap between all types of people and businesses in the UK property investment industry.
There are many factors that contribute towards our overall assessment that a person or business is good enough and trustworthy enough to want to connect with, work with or hire. We aim to be the go-to platform for everyone in property investment, to optimise the search and due diligence process and in turn create more opportunity for business success.

TrustMix as a Tool

Our USP is our Ratings System. The algorithm takes into account a wide variety of factors with the aim of painting a clearer picture on others and to help you find the right person or business to do business with, hire or be hired by.
Within property investment the transaction amounts are sizable, so it’s important that you’re able to do good due diligence on anyone that you work with or hire, from Sourcers, Investors, Developers, Tradespeople, Brokers, etc. TrustMix aims to speed up this due diligence process by making it easier to search for and find others, using filters that are most useful to you.

Brief History

TrustMix started during 2020 in the year of Covid-19. During this year I (Jonathan Heavens), among others, had more time than normal on my hands and wanted to focus on researching the property market in the hope of identifying investment opportunities.
After several months I concluded that due to my inexperience in property, as well as the volatility in the market due to Covid-19, it would make sense not to dive into something at that moment in time. However, the worthwhile learning process and the networking that went along with it highlighted the importance of effective due diligence, both when it comes to properties and who to work with. I realised the importance of due diligence across all capacities in property, whether you’re dealing with an investor, sourcer, developer, tradesman, broker, solicitor, planning consultant etc, and from this conclusion TrustMix was born.
The current objectives are to build out the core features of the platform and to get it into your hands. By growing the platform with the aim of providing value to everyone, it will help the property investment community to enhance levels of trust when networking and to minimise risk when deciding who to work with or hire.
“Our vision is to make it easier and less risky to decide who you want to do business with, hire or be hired by.”
Jonathan Heavens | Founder

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