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TrustMix.io is a PropTech platform, where users can search for and be found by other people and businesses in the UK property industry. We’ve been described as a mix between Checkatrade, Trustpilot, Fiverr and LinkedIn.

Our USP is our Ratings System that we’ve built, which quantifies those things that contribute towards enhancing Trust. We want to save time, reduce risk and generate more business by using our Platform to better assess others.

TrustMix is a networking marketplace between Customers and Service Providers. The Customers are Property Investors & Landlords. Service Providers are all businesses who provide services to Property Investors & Landlords. TrustMix will be free to all until we reach 5,000 Service Providers, at which point there will be a monthly subscription fee for those offering Services.

We will also be offering additional paid features, such as featuring profiles, listing property deals, an FCA regulated escrow service, possible affiliate revenue and an option for sponsored posts on our Social Network.

So far we have been self-funded. In order to fast track the development of the platform and to increase user growth we are now looking to open ourselves up to outside equity funding investment.

We’re giving investors the chance to get involved early on and be a part of our growth that we believe will revolutionise how people and businesses search for and better assess who to do business with or hire.

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