The TrustMix Ratings System Explained

What a higher TrustMix Rating means to you?
The TrustMix Rating system is designed to produce a guide on your levels of experience, professionalism and trustworthiness when compared to others.
Cutting a long story short, you will appear higher in search results, and people will be more inclined to work with you if you have a higher TrustMix Rating.

What is the TrustMix Ratings System?

The ratings system is made up of points that you earn if you achieve above a certain target for a number of different areas.
Your score when added up will be compared with the maximum possible score you could achieve and this will form your TrustMix Rating.
Different areas will earn more points than others, depending on how strongly an area contributes to enhancing trust. Points may also vary depending on your assigned category.

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