TrustMix is a free to use property platform (optional paid add-ons to be added based on feedback from you), created to be easily accessible for all involved in property investment.

We want you to use our platform to network with those in the property investment industry and to find the best people and businesses for you to work with, hire or be hired by.
The primary goal of TrustMix is to help make it easier and less risky when searching for and assessing levels of experience, professionalism and trustworthiness in other people and businesses.

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Our unique ratings system

Our unique ratings system is designed to produce a guide on a person or businesses’ level of trustworthiness.
This is based on a mixture of qualitative and quantitative metrics which takes into account a wide-range of factors and results in an overall rating.
The ratings system is constructed by an algorithm which incorporates over 10 different metrics to provide you with a score ranking between 0.0 & 5.0 and with a clear view on what you can do to improve your rating. By improving your TrustMix rating you’ll feature higher up in search results when others use our Networking tool to find people and businesses.

Benefits of TrustMix

Be discovered by others who want to do business with you, to hire or be hired by you
Reduce risk when doing due diligence on others
Search and filter down on those more likely to do business with you
Better assess who to do business with or hire based on recommendations, verified information and other factors that contribute towards enhancing trust

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